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Now that the holidays are over, and I’ve returned from my two week stay in California…One of the perks of having military parents – home can be some interesting places…the job search has officially commenced. As in, I’ll do more than work on my cover letter and resume and start subbing/praying for a job!

I got a big kick in the butt this morning when I got a call from an Assistant principal this morning in a high school 30 minutes away. I have no idea how, but someone amazing, passed along my name and number to her, and she wanted to know if I could send my resume in for a sudden job opening at the HS. Yes, it’s awesome – there’s only one catch. The position is a Special Ed Govt teacher. Government is the easy part, I’ve got practice there thanks to student teaching. The catch is Special Ed. The position has two self-contained classrooms and three team taught sections, and while I’m pumped about the team-taught, I’m a little nervous about the self-contained. I have NO experience in self-contained, and I’m wondering if they can even hire me for it without certifications in sped.

If I even get an interview, I’m wondering how honest I should be about my inexperience. Balancing desperately needing a job and the need to be good at it is not fun. Interview tips anyone?

Of course I sent my resume to her within 5 minutes, but even if nothing comes from this, it’s a reminder that I got to get moving quick on getting in the sub system in my new county and making connections! I’m also going to try and figure out how she got my name and number so I can thank that person…

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