8 weeks left!
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The end of the year is coming up, which means that the SOL’s are too. Because of the constant test prep, the laptops and computer labs have been claimed for the next month. Tragically for this blog, that means my technology finds for the next month will be restricted to those I can use on my laptop alone.

On the bright side, maybe this means I’ll find some realllllly creative ways to incorporate technology into my classroom.

On a side note, why in the Lord’s name are state SOL’s so much earlier than the end of the school year? There’s almost a full month between the SOL’s and the end of the school year, which means that unless I hear otherwise, hope my kids are prepared to learn about a unit called “random things I find interesting that there wasn’t time for during the school year.” Unit full of US history conspiracies and oddities – YUP. This girl’s pretty excited.

Quickly before I go – used this site for some fantastic lesson plans about the Civil Rights movement, check it out!

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