New focus for July!
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I’ll be the first to admit – I’ve been embarrassingly bad about keeping up with the blog over the past month. School ended, got married, went on a honeymoon – who knew those things could take up so much time? But, I’m back & thanks to the all the reading I was able to get done ocean-side last week, I’ve got a new focus!

One particular book that I read inspired me – Lies my Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen. I know I’m a few years behind the times, but the book had some really great points that I intend to incorporate in my classroom this fall. (The focus of the book is going beyond textbooks, and teaching students real American history versus the watered down, slightly incorrect version they normally get.

So, for the rest of July I will focus on activities, lesson plans, resources that I can incorporate in my teaching to better teach students accurate history! Should make things wonderfully easy come fall:)

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