December 13, 2010

Culture! Xi’an and the Terra Cotta Warriors

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I have had limited access to the Internet in the last two days, so am trying to post both about our school experiences so far and about our various culture experiences. I am going to toss some pictures up for you with captions.

They don’t eat dogs in most of ChinaThis is in Xi’an. Proof that dogs are safe as pets in most of China. Manchurians sometimes eat dog in winter :(






The garden at the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an

The garden at the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an






Rubbing the belly of a big jade buddha at the Xi’an Jade center is supposed to be good luck.Jade Buddha belly






Do you know where jade can be found? These jade rocks show what jade looks like in various stages from natural rock to polished rock. Jade comes in MANY colors!

Jade rocks







Warriors Pit 1

The “eighth wonder of the world,” the Terra Cotta Warriors. Find out more about them on the Internet. They were discovered in 1974 by four Chinese farmers drilling a well.

Restored warriors

Restored Warriors

Look carefully to see where the many pieces have been put back together. It makes Humpty Dumpty sound easy.







Terrs Cotta Warrior pit 1

Pit 1: How the pit looks when the warrior pieces have not been collected and rebuilt. What a jigsaw puzzle! All the warriors are/were in pieces.

warrior chariot (bronze)

Bronze Chariot found in with the warriors (only HALF the scale of the warriors)


Stay tuned for more info on schools and culture. It is late at night now, so I have to stop posting things.

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