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Book Creator - Red Jumper Limited

K to 12
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Create beautiful, multimedia digital books with Book Creator. Scroll down the landing page and find the Help with getting started section. It would be best to read this short Getting...more
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Create beautiful, multimedia digital books with Book Creator. Scroll down the landing page and find the Help with getting started section. It would be best to read this short Getting Started Overview first and it will stay in your library. Next, scroll down the Features page for more specific directions for creating your book; a few of these are summarized in this review. Then, you can go to the Resources tab from the top menu, where each grade level has a video, and you'll find example books created by students. Under Resources, you can also search by subject to find suggested ideas and books designed for a specific subject. You can also choose Remixable Books to get you and your class started. When finished, publish and share your book using the site's web-based reader for access on any device. A unique, new feature is that you can see how many times your book has been read and where. The free plan offers one library with up to 40 books storage. BookCreator presents a variety of levels for technology use depending on teacher requirements for the project or even student ability; it allows for adding narration, videos, text, using your webcam, and adding links to help explain the artwork. When creating your book, click on the big + sign, and in the upper right corner, the More tab, then WOW! one of the "mores" are apps you can add like Bitmoji, Giphy, Canva, your Google Drive (you can add Slides, Docs, Sheets, and creations from other apps), these all come with the free account. There are other apps, but you must have a premium account. You can use Book Creator on iPads, Macs, Android devices, PCs, and on these browsers: Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome. Teachers need to provide an email to create an account. However, students do not need emails to make their books. Once you're ready, follow the site's prompts to add video, text, images, audio, and more to your book.
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In the Classroom

Create books together, as a class, as you move through a unit or topic. Enhance student learning by adding images and ideas your students suggest. Use in a flipped classroom to deliver course information. Assign several student groups a different topic and redefine their learning by having each group create their own multimedia versions as they learn more about the topic. Students can combine their books later as a class book. Make a digital bookshelf of all the versions for all to use. Challenge gifted students to modify the "standard" class text with the additional material they discover, by going deeper and learning about related topics. In lower grades, create teacher-made e-books for your young readers, perhaps adding audio - your own voice reading the text.

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