TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of September 30, 2022

1.Fred has 25 baseball cards, and Dylan has 75. If Scott comes into the group with his 50 cards, what is the average number of cards each person has? (5 points)

2.If 3 people carve 300 pumpkins in 3 hours, how long does it take for 6 people to carve 600 pumpkins? (20 points)

3.The musical symbol sometimes called a G-clef can also be called a: (10 points)

4.Which ended last? (10 points)

5.Which president does not have a memorial in Washington, DC? (20 points)

6.Containers of this shape are often used to hold carbonated drinks, soup, and tuna fish. (5 points)

7.Which book title did Rita, the champion reader, turn in as part of her summer reading list? (5 points)

8.What acronym can be used to remember the names of the bodies of water upstream from the start of the St. Lawrence River? (10 points)

9.Ms. Direkshun's social studies class has to memorize the states and capitals. Which of the hints below would give his students the wrong information? (5 points)

10.Juan, Anita, Mark, and Logan want to take the bus downtown. Mark doesn't have any money. His firends want to help him and pay for his fare. If the fare is $1.50, how much money will each of the others need to have so that everyone can ride the bus? (10 points)