TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of September 30, 2022

1.During the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson fought a famous battle near this city. (5 points)

2.Complete this series: 5, 14, 32, 68, 140 (10 points)

3.Which of the following is least likely to be copyrighted material? (20 points)

4.How many three digit palindrome numbers are there? (10 points)

5.Colors are used in a common idioms to describe a certain feeling or concept. Which has an associated color, but it is NOT a primary color? (20 points)

6.If you are in London, the Mediterranean Sea is to the: (5 points)

7.Which ended last? (10 points)

8.Which weighs the most? (5 points)

9.Under U.S. law, a person cannot be charged with a crime unless: (10 points)

10.Which of these is NOT a human blood type? (5 points)