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In my classroom I’ve got two options for displaying things for kids…old school overhead projector OR a digital projector from the computer. The issue? For reasons¬†unbeknownst to me, my computer projector is ever so precariously balanced on…crates.

And while I love writing on things with markers, the old school projector just isn’t cutting it for me. The question is: does anyone know of a way to place the computer projector in a safer, more effective manner that makes the images large and out of the way of my students? I’ve asked the techies if it would be possible to hang it from the ceiling, and apparently that’s a no-go. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has creative ideas for projector “placeage” I’d be eternally grateful!

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  1. I have put it on a cart that was intended for an overhead. I have also out it on a student desk adjusted for the correct height. In both cases I put electrical tape on the floor to mark its proper place in case students knock it accidentily. I have also put tape on the desk top for the same reason.