End of the Year Madness
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As of right now I’m experiencing my first end-of-the-year as a teacher, (my school goes until the 22nd – eek!) and it is MADNESS. It’s as though every parent got the notion to email me in the same day, their kids are turning in late work left and right, and wondering what they can do to “help their grade.”

Not to mention that on a personal note – I’m getting married in 18 days, so the stress level is already at a super fun high.

I’m glad the kids care about their grades, but why do parents insist on not getting involved til the last minute? Why care now? Why not care three months ago when your kid was failing tests and you could have actually done something? It drives me nuts. But I think the real crazy thing is when parents helicopter in on kids who already have A’s – so they can get higher A’s. Are you serious? Am I the only person who realizes that the number grade never matters after this school year, it’s only the letters high schools and colleges look at? Not to mention that’s the definition of asinine. and overkill. and obnoxious.

I’m also left wondering where on earth I’m supposed to store my stuff over the summer. The school makes everyone take their stuff down over the summer, and I’m not 100% certain where it’s all supposed to go while I’m waiting to start working again. The bright side is that I’ll be working in this same classroom next year – yay for getting hired! The downside is that I have a little apartment with not a lot of room for lamps, plants, and posters of Rosie the Riveter. Suggestions?

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  1. The end of quarter/semester/year nutsiness is always with us – and why don’t they can until now? It wasn’t really that important to them. And they’re people who like to do things last minute. For next year: save yourself grief, if your school will allow it, with a “no late work” policy, or a “late work not accepted after X days.” I always used to accept late work, but when I stopped doing it, students almost completely stopped handing in work late. Hmmm.

    In terms of where to store stuff – ask the custodians, the secretary and other teachers – they will know. I know of teachers who stash stuff in student lockers over the summer.