A pause for time management’s sake
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As I’m sure has become painfully obvious from my lack of presence on this blog – I’m busy. Really busy. Without a doubt, I underestimated both how much time teaching takes up, and how exhausted I would be at the end of the day. Almost every day passes, with some unique experience occurring, and I think to myself – “I should really write about this.” But by the time I’ve come home and had a chance to sit, the thought has either left the premises, or the energy required to grab my laptop and type is lacking.

And so because of this, I’ve decided to take a pause on the blog either until I can get myself up to speed, or until another newbie appears who has the energy to share their experiences about being a new or first year teacher. I do want to thank everyone for sharing their ideas, and tolerating my own! It’s been a great experience to be able to chat and share with other teachers, if only to know that I wasn’t alone, and that all the craziness is normal! So thank you very much, and I hope very much to return at some point in the future.


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