Highs and Lows of Subbing Art, Day 2
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1. Had a teacher ask if I could sub just her class, since she liked how they interacted with me.
2. I got paid to color – could not be more ok with this.
3. Kindergarteners. Could they be more adorable?


1. First Graders. Whatever happens in that year between first and kindergarten produces a lot of tattling and snot.
2.  Oil pastels, meet my khaki pants.
3.  Oil pastels, meet the classroom carpet.

Only 3 more school days until I officially take over in my new longterm sub position…SO excited to be the newest 7th grade US history teacher:)

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…..5th graders
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Since the recent snow in my area meant that the schools were no longer taking President’s Day off, I subbed for an Art teacher at an elementary school nearby. Immediate thoughts: So glad I brought a book, Kindergarteners are adorable, Art can get really messy, really quick; and 5th graders are an abomination.

I called my mom afterwards and told her my new found opinion of 5th graders – which she thought were hilarious considering some of the stories I told her about my 12th graders, and how they didn’t bother me nearly as much. And honestly, I could have gotten a rotter of a class – but, here’s what kills me: 12th graders, I expect an attitude. I remember being 17 – you’re tired of high school and you think you’re the top dog. 5th graders are still so young, but the attitudes – maybe because they were unexpected were just exhausting. I don’t know how elementary school teachers do it. The blessing was that I just had them for a period versus the entire day.

Kindergarteners though – ohhh they’re so little and precious I could have had them all day.  There was just a wee bit of tattling and the occasional tears but they’re so cute I could have forgiven anything.

I will say I enjoyed it – especially since the teacher included really detailed art lesson plans. I have noooo idea what I would have done with all those kids without them! I’m subbing for another art teacher today, and fingers crossed she leaves some too. If not, I’m planning on remembering everything from yesterday and just redoing it today. And hopefully I get better 5th graders this time around…

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First day back subbing!
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First day back subbing and I was exhausted. So exhausted I’m writing this the day after first subbing. I 100% felt like that that baby in the picture. The kids were great – I subbed for 8th grade civics at the same middle school I’ll soon be long term subbing at! The exhausting part was 1) getting used to waking up that early again, and 2) Standing allllll day in shoes that I once thought were comfortable. It’s funny, I think all my tolerance of standing for long periods of time from student teaching just got thrown to the wayside these past few months. I totally forgot how much that sucks the first week until you get used to it.

But back to the kids – they really were great. In comparison to some of the catastrophes I dealt with in high school, I actually was in shock a few times at how well-behaved they were. One period in particular – I didn’t even know it was possible for students to be that quiet. But towards the end of the class when they loosened up and started to get more comfortable, I could definitely tell Middle school will be fun. The kids were working on a President’s Cabinet research sheet, and my favorite suggestion for Department of Defense was Jackie Chan, because “his mad kong fu skills are an asset.” How can you not laugh at that?

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Cute idea!
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So I’ll keep this brief, but I saw this in a classroom and thought it was an adorable idea! For learning centers, I’m usually stuck labeling the centers with clumsily folded papers, propped to stand up – and usually not successfully. However, thanks to a soon to be co-worker, I think I’ll try wreath stands instead next time. Instead of my bad paper triangles, she had a wreath stand hanging the station number from every center. Just hole-punch papers to hang from the stand and voila – cleaner looking and something that students don’t easily knock down and trample! Not to mention that after the holidays, you can snag them for around 5 bucks or less from craft stores – sweet deal.

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So a few months ago, in December, I heard about a job fair for the state in my area, and probably ohhh 30 minutes before it started, I decided to go. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made, since one of the recruiters there is the principal of a middle school that’s now 20 minutes away from me. Meeting him led to an interview, a promise to put me on the preferred sub list & keep my resume on file, and as of yesterday – another interview for a long term sub position. I went in the other day for an interview with the Director of student services, and 2 teachers from the department for the long term position. After talking to them, I think that I’m the only person they’ve contacted about this AND this job comes with the promise of being hired on as a full time teacher for the following school year. Crossing my fingers harder than I ever had because this position sounds almost too good to be true. And all of this stems from a chance meeting at a job fair, and that same person continuing to help me out.

The position – 7th grade US history teacher is one of my favorite contents AND I love that age group. There’s something so fantastic about getting to be the observer of puberty and not the victim. I foresee hilarious work stories in my future with this position… I’m just so nervous! A large chunk of the rest of the year are SOL’s and preparing students for it, and I’m nervous having those grades reflect on me when (a) I didn’t teach for most of the year, and (b) they’re so overvalued in regards to my performance. Plus I’m nervous about the normal things – entering into a new classroom in the middle of the year, a new content & a lot of time preparing materials, and the parents! The area the school is in is fairly affluent, and the director and teachers have already warned me about how “over-involved” some parents are. At my last school getting parent involvement was like pulling teeth. I have NO concept of what the opposite extreme is like…yup, now that I think about it, parents are definitely the thing I’m most nervous about. Help?!

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So after a month and a half of filling out forms, online interviews, a TB test and a scramble to find all the necessary paperwork – I’ve finally heard back from the county I’m applying to be a sub in and can officially start next Thursday! If I weren’t so excited to finally get back into a classroom, I’d be flabbergasted at how long all of this took. And amazed at how something so little as snow in the county can shut them down for dayyyyyyyssss.

But ignoring that – very excited to finally get back in a classroom and put my degree to use. I am a little nervous – I won’t know any of these kids, for one. During student teaching, by the time I was left alone in the class I had already established a solid relationship with most students. Not having that to rely on will definitely make it a different experience. That, and I’m a little scared of getting a subject that I’m totally and utterly clueless about. I was telling my best friend about it on the phone, and even she laughed and asked what I would do if given a math class. Umm, if it’s above an 8th grade level? Is praying that teacher assigns a movie day ok?

For the time being, I’m just excited I’m finally (almost) in the system. I think I’ll worry about the potential high-level math classes I could get when that comes.

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