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So after a month and a half of filling out forms, online interviews, a TB test and a scramble to find all the necessary paperwork – I’ve finally heard back from the county I’m applying to be a sub in and can officially start next Thursday! If I weren’t so excited to finally get back into a classroom, I’d be flabbergasted at how long all of this took. And amazed at how something so little as snow in the county can shut them down for dayyyyyyyssss.

But ignoring that – very excited to finally get back in a classroom and put my degree to use. I am a little nervous – I won’t know any of these kids, for one. During student teaching, by the time I was left alone in the class I had already established a solid relationship with most students. Not having that to rely on will definitely make it a different experience. That, and I’m a little scared of getting a subject that I’m totally and utterly clueless about. I was telling my best friend about it on the phone, and even she laughed and asked what I would do if given a math class. Umm, if it’s above an 8th grade level? Is praying that teacher assigns a movie day ok?

For the time being, I’m just excited I’m finally (almost) in the system. I think I’ll worry about the potential high-level math classes I could get when that comes.

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