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I’ve yet to figure out if it’s an end-of-the-year thing, or just a 7th grade thing, but the IEP’s seem to be piling up lately. With in the next week or two, I’ve got three meetings with different students. So far I’ve volunteered for those that I could go to, partially because I want a chance to meet the parents, and partially cause I think it’s nice to hear if other teachers are seeing the same thing I am.

The one that I’m most eager about is on Friday, and it’s for one of my favorite students – which actually isn’t the only reason I want to go. The reason I’m so eager to go is because I personally think the school’s been ignoring the girl’s needs all year, and she needs an advocate. Apparently in her IEP it states that she has a read-aloud requirement for tests, assessments, etc…but for some reason, no one notified any of the teachers. It was only after I started to ask around about her poor test scores that it came to light.

The only reason it really bothers me is because there are plenty of students who have parents that are constantly arguing for their kids, and this poor girls’ parents don’t understand that they have the ability to. So, my hope is that by going to this meeting, I can at least help make sure that someone is there looking out for her best interests.

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  1. The reason there are so many is that the special ed /learning support teachers (case managers) have to update all IEPs before next school year. Go to a few. You’ll learn a lot. Listen first, and ask questions. YOUR questions may prompt the parents to realize they can ask questions, too.

    Been there, done that.