November 23, 2010

My China KWL chart

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I have so much I want to know about China. Two weeks from now I will be over the Pacific! So I have started to organize my W list of things I Want to know. If you have any you would like to add, please feel free to comment here. Students welcome, too.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the KWL here interactively because we need to upgrade this version of WordPress. Here is a static version:kwl.png

And here is a link to the interactive visual map of my KWL. And here are my lists so far, simply in verbal form:

K -What I know:

  • Chinese students learn English and like to practice it.
  • Chinese history is rich and very complex, much older than the U.S.- Students must have a LOT to study about history!!
  • Reportedly, teachers are treated very respectfully.
  • High stakes tests determine student opportunities for higher education. The highest scoring students have a chance to study science/math/medicine. The second highest tier study business. Teachers are from the third highest  scoring tier.

W – What I want to know:

  • What is a teacher’s day like? A student’s?
  • What do teachers and kids wear?
  • Do  students ever use computers at school?
  • How do schools view technology and the web?
  • Would a Chinese class ever do project-based learning?
  • Can I explain what TeachersFirst is so they can understand it?
  • Will I talk too much for them?
  • Can we set up a way for schools in China to communicate easily with U.S. and other classes?
  • Do parents help with schoolwork or leave it up to the tutors and late evening school?
  • Do parents have any input into what schools do? Do they want it?
  • Will I have to eat things that I can’t identify or don’t WANT to know about?
  • What web-based tools that I am used to will be unavailable in China?
  • Is sense of humor valued/suppressed at school?
  • What happens to divergent, gifted thinkers?

L – What I have learned: Watch here and see!


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  2. Chineese children are aware that school is to become better persons. It is not like in our western countries in which children have no conscious about why they go to school, they just go because they must to, they are send to, it is the custom and culture that every child go to school…
    It is the reflect of a multimilenary culture. In this matter they are ahead.

    Comment by Fernando — November 29, 2010 @ 11:26 pm

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